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Summer Enrollment

SHA Summer Programs, organized by SHA for many years, follow a professional and well-established model, promoting a "blend of fun and learning" educational philosophy to complement both school and home education. The summer program includes a rich variety of practical activities and academic coursework, making it highly popular among SHA students and parents. International students who enroll in the summer program will study and play alongside SHA students. This offers them the perfect opportunity to meet American friends, broaden their international perspectives, and become familiar with the American high school experience.

Summer Camp

Summer camps focus on expanding students' knowledge, enhancing physical fitness, and cultivating independent thinking and self-discipline. Therefore, summer camps primarily consist of hands-on practical activities, with a diverse range of activities such as soccer, swimming, language learning, cooking, arts, music, and various field experiences. These activities help students develop outgoing, optimistic, explorative, and proactive personalities. They also provide excellent opportunities for social skills development and teamwork.



Parents can choose to have international students experience our WASC-accredited academic courses, in conjunction with various enrichment activities from the summer camp. This allows their children to have an enjoyable and meaningful summer break.

Golf Specialty Summer Camp

SHA is adjacent to the prestigious Industry Hills Golf Club @ Pacific Palms Resort, one of the top golf courses in the western United States. Every year, SHA hosts a six-week top-notch golf summer camp. Students not only receive professional coaching at a top golf training facility in the United States but also immerse themselves in the American high school experience with like-minded friends. The school also organizes activities for students, such as exploring the beauty of California and visiting well-known American universities.


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