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Kids in Art Class

Middle School

Welcome to South Hills Academy’s Middle School in West Covina! Our private Christian school offers academic excellence, character development, and spiritual growth for grades 6-8. Our curriculum includes math, science, English, and social studies, plus sports, arts, and leadership activities. Enroll today for a top-quality middle school education!

Middle School at South Hills Academy

Middle school is a time of great changes socially, physically, psychologically, and intellectually. It is also usually a very trying time for young people as they navigate the changing social landscape while striving to adapt to all their individual changes.
South Hills Academy supports our students with a tailored program that features teachers who love working with this age group and know how to support them; a respectful, safe, and nurturing environment based on Christian values and care for one another; a clear structure that helps students develop their personal, social, and academic skills; and educational challenges that are doable but also build strength.

Principles of the Middle School Curriculum

A holistic view of education that develops a well-balanced person

Interdisciplinary perspective emphasizing links between 

Intercultural awareness with a focus on valuing individual differences 

Greater emphasis upon mastery of life-long learning skills, such as research and communication skills, rather than on mastery of a pre-ordained body of knowledge

Complete integration of information technology skills in every subject

Middle School Core Subjects

The South Hills Academy middle school curriculum is designed to meet and exceed the standards currently established by California. We are a liberal arts school, which means all subjects are given equal significance.

We learn all subjects through a Christian worldview lens. Students learn about Christ and we place a great emphasis on developing the character traits of Christ. We do this in order to ensure that our student possess a solid Christian foundation.


​All middle school students participate in the following activities:




Physical Education


Visual Arts


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