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Home Away From Home

West Covina is a city located comfortably next to Los Angeles. Its location makes it a perfect drive to the coast and almost every Southern Californian University. Aside from its proximity to major universities and colleges, West Covina is also a beautiful city detached from the business and the noise of major cities like Los Angeles and Anaheim. It is minutes away from beautiful sceneries that are normally not accessible like beautiful mountain peaks, serene ocean views, and exciting mountain hikes,

The city of West Covina has resources that promotes healthy living and fosters student growth and achievement. Its resources allow for a balanced life style that promote a well-rounded, academic sociable scholar.



Apartment Facilities

Our double dormitory apartment suites provide a haven of comfort and warmth, reminiscent of home. Each room features its own clean and private bathroom, allowing students the privacy and convenience they value. The rooms come with both air conditioning and heating, ensuring a cozy atmosphere irrespective of the season. A spacious walk-in closet offers ample space for personal belongings, making settling in easy. For study and reflection, each room is furnished with a sturdy writing desk and a comfortable chair. Soft, quality bedding ensures restful sleep, and the assurance of a 24-hour hot water supply adds to the everyday comforts that make the space feel truly homely.


Dedicated Supervision

At the heart of our student residence is a dedicated full-time on-site housemaster, who serves as both a caring guardian and a guiding hand. Ensuring every student feels a sense of home, they provide personal guidance, foster a sense of community, and see to daily well-being needs. Acting as a bridge between parents and the institution, the housemaster also ensures smooth communication, all while fostering a sense of community to make each student feel truly at home.


Dedicated Dietary Nutrition

At South Hills Academy, we understand the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet for our students, especially those living in our residence. To cater to diverse palates and dietary needs, we have established a variety of dining options. Our Chinese and Western restaurants offer authentic and diverse menus, ensuring students have a taste of both home and the world. Additionally, our buffet-style restaurants provide a range of options, allowing students to customize their meals according to their preferences. Every dish is crafted with care by our dedicated culinary staff, who prioritize using fresh, safe ingredients to create wholesome and healthy meals tailored for the well-being of our boarding students.


Second Home

Step into an environment crafted to feel like a second home. Each dormitory space at South Hills Academy is designed to maximize comfort and function, offering students a private haven to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate. Warm tones, modern amenities, cozy bedding, and well-lit study areas contribute to a holistic living experience.

Los Angeles

Educational Advantage

West Covina's strategic location is a boon for higher education enthusiasts. Within a short drive, students can reach some of Southern California's most prestigious educational institutions, facilitating academic collaborations, workshops, guest lectures, and more. It's a city where education meets opportunity.

Beach Volleyball

California Experience

Nestled comfortably next to Los Angeles, West Covina strikes the perfect balance of suburban tranquility and urban vibrancy. Its prime location offers quick access to the coast and makes it a central point for various Southern Californian adventures.

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