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Melding academic excellence with a robust athletic program, South Hills Academy offers students an enriched, well-rounded education. Beyond mastering sports techniques, our students absorb life's essential skills through sport. Under the guidance of expert coaches, they unearth their true potential and foster a deep-seated love for athletic endeavors. Our focus transcends mere victories; we champion teamwork, instill sportsmanship, and promote unwavering dedication. With a CIF-certified athletic department, we prioritize ensuring a safe and progressive sporting environment for every student.



Dribble, shoot, and score! Experience the adrenaline and strategy of the court.


Learn patience, precision, and focus in the serene environment of the golf course.




Dive into the world's most beloved sport, mastering tactics and team dynamics.



Embrace the rhythm of the water, building strength, stamina, and discipline.

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Golf Athletes Program


State-of-the-Art Training Venue

Our esteemed facility prides itself on being adjacent to the pinnacle of golf courses in the western United States, ensuring trainees have an exceptional environment for honing their skills.


Expert Guidance Counselors

South Hills Academy is committed to fostering the aspirations of our unique students. We have fortified our approach with seasoned consultants, boasting years of rich experience in college guidance. These specialists are dedicated to devising comprehensive further education planning tailored for students with exceptional sports talents.


Customizable Academic Support

Understanding the demands of sports training, we've designed a flexible academic structure. Students can expect to engage in high school courses tailored around their training schedules, typically involving 4-6 hours of focused study daily. For those reaching the D1 level of athleticism, we further enhance their learning experience with the provision of specialized online courses.


Tuition Incentives

At South Hills Academy, we recognize and reward talent. Students demonstrating exceptional prowess in sports are presented with the opportunity to benefit from our tuition incentives. To ensure fairness and meritocracy, those who meet the application criteria for such talents are invited to participate in our school's tuition incentive recruitment examination. Awards and incentives are then granted based on the commendable results of these assessments.

Swimming Athletes Program

South Hills Academy offers dedicated programs for students with athletic talents, blending professional training with competitive opportunities. Our focus is on leveraging your sports abilities to enhance your academic journey, providing a pathway to top schools and broadening your future opportunities.

Swimming Pool

Study/Training Program

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Academic Support

SHA online courses, flexible class hours, guaranteed professional sports training and competition

SHA 4 hours of high school classes per day

SHA 6 hours of high school classes per day

Training Arrangement

Training/competition 6 days a week

Train 6 days a week Physical training for 1 hour in the morning 2-3 hours of special training in the afternoon

2 hours of dedicated training every afternoon

Event Schedule

CIF season matches/leagues

CIF season matches/leagues

CIF season matches/leagues

Graduation Requirements

Complete 160 credits of study

Complete 160 credits or more, AP courses

Complete 240 credits of study, 4-5 for elite school applications AP courses

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