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Paint Brushes

Student Activities

Embarking on your journey at South Hills Academy means diving into a world teeming with vibrant extracurricular opportunities. Our expansive sports programs beckon the athletic spirit, promising not just physical development but also the thrill of competition. For those artistically inclined, our visual arts classes offer a canvas for self-expression, while our music programs resonate with every beat of passion. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. Immerse yourself in our rich cultural tapestry as we come together to celebrate traditional festivals from around the globe. Here, every student finds their niche, their stage, and their spotlight. Come, explore, and let South Hills Academy be the backdrop for your unique story.

Sports: teamwork, sportsmanship, dedication

With expansive sports facilities including playgrounds, basketball courts, football fields, and a swimming pool, South Hills Academy is a hub for budding athletes. Students can enhance their fitness, specialize in sports like golf and swimming, or leverage athletics for academic opportunities. Our programs, backed by a CIF-certified department, prioritize safety, competition, and academic support, complete with dedicated college counseling.

Team Putting Fists Together In Huddle_edited_edited.jpg

Art: Enhance Creativity

The school offers courses in painting, graphic design, media, yearbook production, photography, art history, and 3D design, so that art can lead students to enhance their innovative ability. Every year, the school yearbook is produced with the active participation of students, who provide photography, graphic design and yearbook assembly.

Music: The Essence of Focus and Expressiveness

Dive into the world of music with our focused instrumental learning. Students have the opportunity to master brass, woodwinds, or percussion instruments, exploring various genres. Beyond learning, they can showcase their skills in symphony orchestra performances, immersing themselves in the rhythmic tapestry of sound.

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