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Our School

For over 67 years, South Hills Academy has maintained a reputation for high academic achievement. Though each of our four schools features its own personality and cognitive-level program, we continue to operate as one cohesive family – showcased throughout the school year by several whole-academy activities that brings together students, family members, and staff from all of our programs. At SHA, students are able to develop from age 2 to college-ready young adults.


Another major aspect of SHA that bonds all four schools together is our overall philosophy. We focus on guiding and supporting students in their academic, social, and character growth. And we do this primarily with our cross-curricular, project-based approach that aims for maximum student (and staff) engagement so that students “learn by doing.”


Students who have purpose and the opportunity to actively pursue that purpose thrive in their learning. Please browse our website to see how this approach works in each school.

Please come visit us to experience for yourself the family environment and active learning that make SHA a welcoming, warm, fun, energetic, exciting, and excellent place to be!

Mission Statement

South Hills Academy strives to provide a Christ Centered atmosphere that enables students to become socially engaged, effective communicators, and critical thinkers in a global setting.


Our Vision

We envision a world in which the quality education students receive at South Hills Academy prepares them to be well-rounded citizens with a biblical worldview who will be successful leaders in their respective communities.

Explore Us

Welcome to South Hills Academy! Where We Inspire - We Empower - and We Live By Example!  We believe every child has the potential to thrive, and we're dedicated to providing an environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and growth. Start in our PRESCHOOL, focused on early academic prep, structured learning, and a nurturing environment. In K-5 ELEMENTARY, our small classes prioritize Christ-centered learning and high academic standards. MIDDLE SCHOOL and HIGH SCHOOL students will benefit from small, focused classes, scholarship opportunities, and a preparation track that's geared toward college success.


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