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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Life-Long Learners: SHA Student Resolutions

Life-Long Learners: SHA Student Resolutions

With both the ringing in of the new year 2023 and the celebration of Lunar New
Year, there is certainly a sense of refreshment and renewal on the South Hills
Academy campus. People often see January as a time to reassess and make a
concerted effort to explore and experience new opportunities, both intellectually
and physically. Our SHA Eagles are no exception.

If you have ever visited the SHA campus, one of the things you may have noticed
are the variety of colorful and aesthetically eye-catching bulletin boards. Every
month, we have a specific theme that we design our boards around, and the
theme for January was “New Year, Fresh Start.” As I walked around campus
gazing at the boards, I noticed that several teachers had their students help
them with their designs by having them write what they wanted the new year to
be like for them. A recurring theme that stood out to me was how many students
made the resolution to study more and learn new things.

The desire to be life-long learners is something we should all aspire to be and is
one of many lessons we strive to instill in our Eagles during their time at the nest.
Some benefits of being life-long learners include a renewed sense of motivation, a
recognition of personal goals and skills, and an improved sense of self-confidence,
all of which will help our Eagles soar as they prepare to leave the nest and make
their mark on the world.

We look forward to seeing our SHA Eagles do remarkable things in 2023!

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