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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Calculating Success at South Hills Academy's Math Olympics

Calculating Success at South Hills Academy's Math Olympics

As a distinguished private institution, we believe in inspiring students to embrace the limitless possibilities of mathematics. By providing a supportive environment and innovative curriculum, we empower our students to unlock their full potential and make meaningful contributions to the world around them.

We are thrilled to report that we had our 2024 Math Olympics this past March 14th! Our K-12 students participated and we are so proud! This celebrated event, featuring mathematical computation and reasoning tests, not only highlights the talents within our school community but also fosters essential skills such as problem-solving and confidence.

Each grade had three winners awarded certificates for math computation and mathematical reasoning. For High School students, top performers earn prestigious first-place and runner-up titles, highlighting their achievements.

South Hills Academy, situated in West Covina, California, extends gratitude to all participants from neighboring schools, judges, and families whose contributions made this event possible.

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