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Looking for a top government extracurricular program in West Covina? Enroll your child in South Hills Academy’s Government Extracurricular Program to explore government, politics, and public service. Our experienced mentors provide engaging and practical experiences, fostering leadership and civic responsibility. Join our Government Program for a comprehensive and educational experience year-round!


Empower your child with a deeper understanding of civic engagement through the Government Extracurricular Program at South Hills Academy in West Covina. This year-round program is designed for students interested in learning about government, politics, and public service. Participants will explore the structure and functions of local, state, and federal government, engage in debates, and participate in model government activities. Experienced mentors guide students through practical experiences, fostering critical thinking, leadership, and a passion for civic responsibility. Enroll your child in our Government Extracurricular Program to cultivate informed and active citizens.

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