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Expected Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

Effective Communicators

Understand and convey written, oral, and visual information using a variety of media
Incorporate and use technology as an efficient tool for communication
Listen respectfully and ask questions to facilitate understanding and achieve insight
Collaborate with others in appropriate learning situations to achieve group goals

Socially Engaged

Demonstrate care and concern for their environment and community
Interact respectfully with people of diverse cultures
Demonstrate awareness and respect for the rights of others
Support and improve the safety and health of self and others

Critical Thinkers

Gather, analyze and process information using a variety of strategies
Demonstrate problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution
Question ideas and analyze a variety of perspectives
Recognize bias and respond appropriately
Develop informed opinions while remaining open to other views
Use both imagination and logic in solving problems
Demonstrate intellectual curiosity and discipline

Global Citizens

Contribute to the community and value the contributions of others
Collaborate successfully to reach goals and create beneficial outcomes
Stay informed about world events; develop a sense of social responsibility
Reflect the community from which they come
Solve conflicts peacefully
Respect the physical and cultural environments of all people
Are accountable for their choices and actions
Demonstrate a high degree of integrity and character

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