Socials and Soda Floats – ASB Life at SHA

Socials and Soda Floats – ASB Life at SHA

Students got to enjoy a tasty ice cream treat while deciding which clubs to sign up for. An awesome Friday afternoon!

South Hills Academy prides itself on the rigorous academics that our scholars undertake during their time on our campus, but we also understand the importance of creating a family environment for our students and affording them chances to be kids.

In all three levels of the academy, – elementary, middle, and high school, – South Hills Academy has a group called ASB – Associated Student Body. These groups are composed of volunteer students with faculty sponsors and are organized to help create and implement fun social activities for our students to engage in during their time at SHA.

Our high school ASB celebrated the first Friday of the school year with a root beer float social at lunch. This was a fun time for students to gather with their peers outside of a classroom academic setting and was a chance to get to know each other as individuals. It was certainly a welcome cool and sweet treat on such a warm and muggy day, and it put smiles on the faces of the faculty to see some of our international students try an American classic. (Fun trivia fact for your next game night: the root beer float was invented in Chicago in 1893!)

Our ASB groups in both middle and high school have some wonderful adventures and activities planned for our students, and we look forward to creating some treasured memories with our SHA Eagles!

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