remembering the routine

remembering the routine

Summer school is winding down and August is melting away, which means the beginning of the new 2021-2022 academic year at South Hills Academy is upon us.

As teachers are preparing to welcome both returning and new Eagles to our nest, we find ourselves in an interesting situation. The campus has been in a fluid modality since March of 2020. Everyone has had their usual school routine disrupted, and it can be hard to get the routine back on track. It might be helpful to start practicing a few techniques to make the transition from “summer vacation mode” to “academic routine” a little less of a shock to the system.

First, gather the school supplies that your child(ren) will need for the upcoming year. South Hills Academy is putting an emphasis on physical writing and not relying so much on computer screens this year, so stocking up on college lined paper and pens and pencils will be important. Many places like Staples, Target, and Walmart have wonderful back-to-school sales. South Hills Academy will have supply lists by grade level for you to ensure your children have everything they will need.

Second, during summertime, I know we’re more relaxed with bedtimes and let the kids sleep in more regularly than we normally would during the school year. Longer days of sunshine, warmer weather and a more relaxed attitude all make summer bedtimes a little later than normal. Two weeks before school starts, begin setting bedtimes incrementally earlier. Start by putting your kids to bed 15 minutes early for several nights, increase it to 30 minutes and so on, until your kids are back to typical school night bedtimes several days before the start of school. In the mornings, begin setting alarms if you have to, in order to get your kids – and probably yourself – back in the habit of waking up with enough time to get dressed, eat breakfast and out the door in time for school.

Finally, the end of summer and start of school can easily sneak up on you before you get all of your bucket list items checked off the list. Make one last “Week of Fun” bucket list to cross off a handful of COVID safe adventures, outings, special treats and play time with friends. When your kids feel like they’re wrapping up summer and they’ve finished it on a high note, they’ll feel ready to start school.

We at South Hills Academy hope that everyone has had a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you all in September!

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