President’s Day Celebration

President’s Day Celebration

Weekends are a wonderful time to rest and recharge after the busy Monday through Friday schedule of school and work. It’s safe to say that students, staff, and families all enjoy this time to relax, and our South Hills Academy families are no exception!

It’s also a nice treat when the weekend is extended beyond simply Saturday and Sunday. SHA has an especially nice treat this weekend, with having both Friday the 18th and Monday the 21st off from school in recognition of America’s President’s Day weekend celebration.

For anyone unfamiliar with this holiday, Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday that is celebrated on the third Monday in February. It was originally established in 1885 in recognition of America’s first president, George Washington. However, the holiday became popularly known as Presidents’ Day after it was moved as part of President’ Nixon’s 1971 “Uniform Monday Holiday Act,” which was an attempt to create more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers that wouldn’t also disrupt too many work and delivery schedules.

While several states still have individual holidays honoring the birthdays of Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other figures, Presidents’ Day is now popularly viewed as a day to celebrate all U.S. presidents, past and present.

We at South Hills Academy would like to wish everyone a safe and restful President’s Day weekend. We will see you all on Tuesday, 02/22/22! 

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