Our Other Eagles Nest

Our Other Eagles Nest

Oftentimes in blog posts, our South Hills Academy campus is referred to as the “Eagles Nest.” But it might surprise you to learn that we have two eagles’ nests at SHA. Our other nest is our dormitory, which houses quite a few of our eagles throughout the school year.

While a lot of our students are local children and young people from Southern California, SHA hosts many international students hailing from a vast array of countries including China, Japan, Mexico, El Salvador, Russia, and France. In addition to our international students, due to California being quite a large state, we also have several local students who live in our dormitories during the school year. By living and working with academic peers from such multidisciplinary and multicultural backgrounds as the students who attend SHA, our eagles gain valuable lessons in learning how to work with people from all walks of life and cultural/religious backgrounds.

Choosing to live in a school dormitory means accepting some major lifestyle changes. However, these changes have a positive influence on student’s personal growth—even impacting their academic and professional development. South Hills Academy serves to prepare students educationally and socially for life after graduation. In this way, our boarding students receive valuable support and guidance that helps them become more confident and successful.

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