English 1: Impacts of Literature on Society


About this course

Course Overview


In this course, students will engage with literature, the writing process, and linguistics. Each literary text demonstrates the impact literature has on society and vice versa; this reciprocal relationship will be discussed. From reading novels and writing poetry to learning about grammar, they will be equipped to produce work that reflects themes in society. 


Course Aims Course Objectives
The aim of this course is to enable the students to: 

  • Reflect on themes in today’s society and the literature that comments on those motifs
  • Have a solid foundation of linguistics
  • Produce creative work that illuminates their understanding of course material



The objectives of this course are: 

  • Read multiple forms of literary texts
  • Relate the material in class to the real world
  • Communicate ideas effectively both in written and spoken forms




In this course, assessments will be given in a number of ways, including but not limited to: papers, projects, oral speaking, quizzes, interviews, etc. 


Required materials 


Beyond the SHA-provided material, please have a composition notebook, a non-blue/black pen, and two different-colored highlighters.


Textbooks and Resources


In this class, we will read the following texts:


The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

The Crucible by Arthur Miller




F (Fail) 59 and below


Approximate expectations for assignments and assessments: 


Classwork- Done neatly and turned in on time.

Major Projects and Assessments – Done independently unless authorized otherwise, completed on time, and adheres to the rubric requirements.

Homework – Whatever is not completed during class time must be finished at home, and turned in by 9:00am the next day.


Parent Notification: All assignments and quizzes/test grades will be available on ALMA. Parents can also email cdevitis@michaelt293.sg-host.com for any questions regarding students’ performance in class.

Late Work/Redo’s: 


No late assignments will be accepted; if you do not turn something in, you will receive a zero for a grade on that assignment.


Re-test policy:  Student must prove that steps have been taken to prepare, improve and grow from the experience that will allow an opportunity to re-do the test.  Student must ask permission from the teacher to re-take a test and it will be upon the discretion of the teacher to grant the request.  




All classes at South Hills Academy follow student handbook policies and guidelines. 


Student Behavior Expectations:


All students are expected to help create an environment conducive to effective teaching and learning for all participants. Behavior that disrupts teaching and learning is unacceptable; accordingly, all face-to-face or online interaction should be civilized, respectful, and relevant to the topic.


Class rules – Think “READ:” Respect others Encourage others Always put in effort Delete “can’t” from your vocabulary


Academic Integrity: 

Honesty and integrity are integral components of the academic process.  Students are expected to be honest and ethical at all times in their pursuit of academic goals in accordance with South Hill Academy.


Cell Phone Expectations: 


No cell phones allowed.

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