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A Global Community

A Global Community

South Hills Academy is host to groups and individuals from other countries who seek to develop their English language skills and learn more about American Culture. Students are integrated into grade/age appropriate classes including individualized schedules.


Classes Offered: Math, English, Science, Physical Education, Art, Computer, Karate, Sports, and Dance. Field trips are incorporated into the school experience during the week.

Time spent at an overseas institution is stimulating and challenging academically as well as being a life enhancing opportunity. The South Hills Academy I-20 Student Program offers an opportunity to experience the U.S. education system at one of the leading private schools of California. Students immerse themselves in genuine American culture and learn from South Hills Academy academic staff about the fascinating and beautiful state of California.


Entry requirements are for students entering Elementary, Jr. High, or High School with English as primary medium of instruction.


South Hills Academy offers a variety of programs for international students interested in studying in the United States!

 International Programs:

 1. Immersion and Exchange Program

Students are integrated into grade/age appropriate classes that consist of individualized schedules of 4 to 8 weeks. Classes include Math, English, Science, Physical Education, Art and other activities. This program submerges students in an American culture that is built on a solid foundation of global citizenship.


2. Summer/Winter International Program 

SHA's seasonal international winter/summer programs are a great way for students to experience American culture for 1 to 6 weeks. Students practice English, Robotics, Art, and Sports in an entirely Anglophone environment. During Summer, international students are integrated into our Summer School Program, forming valuable relationships with local students.


3. Study Abroad at SHA

South Hills Academy is certified in offering I-20 to international students who want to study in the golden state of California. The students will be trained to become successful learners while having the choice of living with a home-stay family or staying at the SHA dormitory, the Eagle's Nest. We are proud to say that as an institute with K-12 accreditation, we are qualified to accept students from all over the world and provide them with both academic excellence and a quality living experience.