Middle School Overview

In addition to a wealth of experience, the highly qualified teachers and staff at South Hills Academy bring with them a collection of instructional and pedagogical knowledge that enriches the challenging and rigorous common core standards-based academic program. The English Language Arts program is based on the Gradual Release Instructional model. This instructional model focuses on critical thinking while reading to students, and facilitates learning at each student’s reading level. This allows the SHA teachers to encourage gifted students while meeting the needs of struggling readers. All students also receive instruction in Social Studies, Science, and Bible emphasizing cross-curricular projects which prepares them to think globally. 


South Hills Academy is proud of the range and variety of extra-curricular activities available to its students.   Through these activities, students discover their own interests and talents, while learning to respect and celebrate those of others. There is an array of after-school activities that enrich the education of students at South Hills Academy.  


During School - Elective Classes

  • Music
  • Spanish
  • Art
  • Library
  • Computer Class
  • Junior High STEMS Robotics 
  • Yearbook
  • Debate
  • Drama      


After School

  • Free Tutoring
  • Free Homework Club
  • Free Dance and Pep Squad
  • Free American Sign Language
  • Free Arts and Crafts
  • Free Math Wizards
  • Free Cooking ($5 for materials)


Fee based programs

  • Robotics
  • Chess Club
  • Karate
  • Chinese Club
  • Private Music Lessons
After School Sports
  • Flag Football
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball


Subject-specific field trips enhance the academics of the South Hills Academy students.  SHA also competes in a number of Spelling, Math, and Speech contests during the school year.  These competitions challenge and extend the academic experience of students, while developing vital team-working and leadership skills.