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The SHA Standard

The SHA Standard

The curriculum at South Hills Academy is based on California's Common Core standard.  Emphasis is placed on  skills in Reading, Language, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Creative Writing, Penmanship, and use of computers as tools for learning and problem-solving. Critical thinking skills are taught and reinforced in all of our curriculum school-wide.

Expected Schoolwide Learner Outcomes 

Christ Centered:

  • Students understand the value of knowing Christ as their personal Savior by completing grade-level Bible projects.


Effective Communicators:

  • Students demonstrate speaking and writing abilities by participating in an oral presentations based on writing assignments, beginning in kindergarten and building on their skills through all grades.


Socially Engaged:

  • Students participate in serving the school and local community by accumulating at least four service hours a year.


Critical Thinkers:

  • Students complete cross-curricular projects that cover at least three core subjects.


Global Citizens:

  • Respect, value, and appreciate diversity by participating in the school's cultural week.



Pre-school offers a high-level curriculum in 2 to 5 years old classes. Children are instructed in phonics driven curriculum during the five day per week program.

Junior High / Elementary 

The Junior High / Elementary Department at South Hills Academy focuses on advanced studies in Mathematics, History, Science, Language, Literature, and Bible.  Algebra and Advanced Mathematics are considered core in seventh and eighth grade.

History covers world events, development, and American history.  Science includes: Botany, Human Anatomy, Meteorology, Chemistry, Astronomy, Thermodynamics, Electricity, and Magnetism with a Science Fair in the  spring. 

Literature is introduced with class discussion. Critical thinking and comprehension are reinforced through oral or written comprehension exercises or book reports/projects.