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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

SHA Mission Statement

South Hills Academy seeks to develop a Christ-centered atmosphere that enables students to become socially engaged, effective communicators, and critical thinkers in a global setting.

SHA Vision Statement

South Hills Academy provides quality education to prepare students to be well-rounded citizens with biblical worldview who will be successful leaders in their community.

SHA Core Values

South Hills Academy affirms the following core values and we believe that:

  • The school is committed to academic excellence, maximizing each student's potential
  • It is committed to a balanced program, to training students to be well-rounded.
  • Faculty and staff model a life of servant leadership.
  • Students are trained to think in the context of Biblical worldview.
  • Parents and teachers work collaboratively to enhance the education of students.
  • SHA involves itself in a plan of consistent evaluation and assessment for continuous improvement.
  • The Word of God is recognized as true.
Expected Schoolwide Learner Outcomes:


Christ Centered:

  • Students understand the value of knowing Christ as their personal Savior by completing grade-level Bible projects.


Effective Communicators:

  • Students demonstrate speaking and writing abilities by participating in an oral presentations based on writing assignments, beginning in kindergarten and building on their skills through all grades.


Socially Engaged:

  • Students participate in serving the school and local community by accumulating at least four service hours a year.


Critical Thinkers:

  • Students complete cross-curricular projects that cover at least three core subjects.


Global Citizens:

  • Respect, value, and appreciate diversity by participating in the school's cultural week.