Adventures Outside the Classroom – Part 2

Adventures Outside the Classroom – Part 2

In South Hills Academy’s continuing adventures outside of the classroom, our middle school students had the opportunity to experience the wonder and majesty of California nature as they trekked the San Antonio Falls Trail.

The San Antonio Falls Trail is near Mt. Baldy, which is a popular destination for avid skiers because of its snowfall. (Yes, it does snow in California!) Once the snow melts, it creates a refreshing and impressive 75-foot waterfall, that our students thoroughly enjoyed!

According to the students, they had a grand time navigating up and down the stream in the gorgeous sunny weather. They were more than happy to stand under the ice-cold waterfall, which made for some great photos!

Never one to miss an opportunity to incorporate more learning, the bus ride was spent practicing songs for the Spring concert, which was a smashing success!

All in all, the students had a fun and memorable experience, and we will be back next week with some a behind the scenes look at our high school adventure!

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