Adventures Beyond the Classroom – Part 1

Adventures Beyond the Classroom – Part 1

In addition to the important lessons our South Hills Academy students learn within the various classrooms on our lovely campus, the faculty and staff at SHA know that important learning opportunities are available outside of our walls as well. Every so often, we like to let our SHA Eagles spread their wings and explore the beauty and wonder of Southern California.

All of our students from Kindergarten to our high school seniors went off on an adventure last Thursday, May 19th. We will be bringing you stories and adventures from all three trips, and to start, we will take you behind the scenes of our elementary students’ adventures.

All of our K-4th grade students went on an outing to the inspiring Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park. Frank G. Bonelli was a Los Angeles County Supervisor of the 1st District and later a member of the California State Assembly. The park is named in his honor. All of our students had a fun time romping through the hiking trails while getting lots of fresh air and exercise.

In addition to exploring Bonelli Park, our 3rd and 4th grade Eagles were also given an opportunity to experience an adventure “to infinity and beyond!” Our upper elementary students learned about space exploration thanks to the kind people at the Mt San Antonio College – Randall Planetarium. The Randall Planetarium has been welcoming students since 1968, and our students were eager to learn what all is required to become an astronaut. Evidently, with the help of “Chad the test astronaut,” our Eagles learned that quite a bit goes into becoming ready to travel in outer space and it’s evidently not as easy as Buzz Lightyear might make it seem!

Our young SHA Eagles certainly had a memorable experience, and we are all looking forward to more adventures with them! Stay tuned for our next post where we go exploring with our SHA middle school through the San Antonio Falls! 

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