February 2022

Meet our kindergarten and elementary music teacher, Ms. Hanna Jin. If you're on SHA campus and hear children singing, follow that sound of music and you'll most likely end up at Ms. Jin's classroom. Although this is Ms. Jin's first year at SHA, she has already...

Weekends are a wonderful time to rest and recharge after the busy Monday through Friday schedule of school and work. It’s safe to say that students, staff, and families all enjoy this time to relax, and our South Hills Academy families are no exception! It’s also...

Meet our preschool teacher, Irma Camacho Have you ever seen the beautiful sunflowers that bloomed in our garden? Or the gigantic pumpkins that were displaced in our preschool area? Those were all thanks to Ms. Camacho and her talented gardening skills. Ms. Camacho is SHA preschool...

Meet our preschool teacher, Lisa Meet Ms. Lisa, South Hills Academy's preschool teacher. Ms. Lisa shares the Growing Tree Room with Ms. Karina and co-teaches the 4-year-olds. This year, with these amazing teachers' help, the students are focusing on phonics, math skills, and writing. Ms. Lisa...

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